Beer : Les Travailleurs de L’Amer

Definately the find of the year!
David Cosseron brews barley and hops at Bretteville sur Ay, the result is delightful. Lager, bitter & stout are all as good as as the name of his beers; a play on words inspired by the title of a Victor Hugo novel – Les travailleurs de la mer (l’amer is French for bitter)

We love his special brew dedicated to the centuary tide we had in march this year. The cuvée ‘Marée du siècle’ is a well balanced act between hoppy aroma and a fine bitterness that leaves you coming back for more.

Taste David’s beers here at La Ferme des Mares; they’re on our menu and on sale at reception. Or meet David at the micro brasserie and taste directly at source.